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3in1 automatic rotary glass bottle liquor filling machine

alcohol filling machines uses frequency changer to control the main machine motor.And it has an output number indicating function which is easy to control the adjustment of the output.Filler is driven through gears inside the machine frame....Read more

Three-in-one Negative Pressure Type Liquor Filling Machine



Three-in-one negative pressure type liquor filling production line consists of washing, filling and capping system. With bottleneck locking technology, it could be used for various modes of glass bottles.


Three-in-one negative pressure type liquor filling machine is applied to foamy liquid filling as beer, wine and fruit wine, etc.


1. Vacuum back suction equal level filling technology prevents liquid from foaming and leakage during filling process, which keeps the same flavor. The vacuum degree is 0.01MPa.
2. It owns advantages of compact structure,the shape is simple and beautiful, easy to adjust, color touch screen man-machine interface, one-touch operation, high accuracy and stable performance.
3. Siemens PLC and touch screen, AirTAC magnetic valve, SUNRISE pneumatic component, Chint electric device, 304# stainless steel used for complete machine and 316# stainless steel used for part contacts with liquid ensures high quality and stable performance.
4. It is convenient to handle and adjust, no need any special tools. Humanized design, easy to adjust , no bottle no filling. And it owns the function of output counting per shift.
5. High precision with low consumption: average error is ±1.5ml as per marked capacity of 500ml/h.
6. Zero damage rate: there is a flexible device used for protecting bottles from damage.
7. Liquid level automatic control: floater level control valve keeps the liquid level consistent and stable.

Technical parameter

Model ZDFY-8 ZDFY-12 ZDFY-16 ZDFY-20 ZDFY-24 ZDFY-32
Filling head qty 8 12 16 20 24 32
Volume Adjustable
Capacity (B/H) 1000-1500 1800-2600 3000-3500 4200-5000 6000-8000 9000-12000
Accuracy ≤0.3%
Power supply 50HZ/60HZ 3N-380V 土 10%
Power consumption 0.75KW
Matched air supply pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Running pressure 0.6-0.7MPa
automatic rotary glass bottle liquor filling machine
automatic rotary glass bottle liquor filling machine
automatic rotary glass bottle liquor filling machine