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Back Sealing Granule Packing Machine

Back sealing granule packing machine fix stepper motor controller, its advantage is precise. Be able to weight, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, lot number automatically....Read more



1.The granule packing machinery can automatically finish bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, code, counting, and other production process;
2.The fitting packing material is heat-sealed composite membrane coils, lower cost than other materials.
3.Easy Micro Computer Controller and intelligent temperature control system, and photoelectric   tracker.
4.With reasonable mechanical structure, main engine speed is under control by turbine worm motor also in the back of machine, there is a button to make speed adjustment more convenient.
5.Small noise, stable system and easy operation. 


1.This granule packaging machines is suitable for all kinds of industries like food, medicine; cosmetic; Industrial Products.etc.
2.The granule packing machines can pack material like sugar, edible salt, pepper; washing powder, beans, coffee with sugar, drying agents, seeds , instant coffee, 3 in 1 coffee, instant drinks and medicinal granular etc granule products. 


1.The automatic granule machines have advantage of sensitive operation, quick measuring, and high precision and stable performance.
2.Stainless steel open type material box, which is convenient to clean and meet the requirements of enterprise safety and health management.
3.Two synchronous film transferring belts device, increase frictional force, so bags making more stable and nice.
4.Standard with electric-eye to trace print web to calibrate the sealing and cutting on correct position, to keep the whole bag logo. 
5.Work automatically: forming bag--measuring--material filling—sealing—counting.


Type Bag     Length Bag Width Packing Speed Measuring Range       Voltage Power Weight Dimensions
  (mm)   (mm) (Bag/hour)      (ml) (kg) (mm)
YYK-60 30-180 30-140 2100-4800 5-150 220V/50/60Hz/1.9Kw 350 900*700*1700
YYK-80 80-260 80-200 2100-3000 5-500 220V/50/60Hz/1.9Kw 400 1000*900*2200
YYK-420 80-300 50-200 300-3600 1200(Max) 220V/50/60Hz/2.2Kw 540 1320*950*1360
YYK-520 80-350 80-250 300-3600 2000(Max) 220V/50/60Hz/4.0Kw 800 1430*1200*1750
YYK-720 100-480 180-320 300-3600 6000(Max) 220V/50/60Hz/5.0Kw 900 1780*1350*1950

Packing step:

1. Fill products to the hopper
2. Film roll
3. Vertical seal
4. Counting cup dispensing
5. Horizontal seal


1. Conveyor
2. Weighing scale
3. Hoister
4. Printer
5. Screw dispensing device

Back Sealing Granule Packing Machine
pouch granule packing machine
pouch granule packing  machine effect