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Professional technical team will provide best solution for you, single machine and production line.



Detailed machine videos can make you see the operation of the machine at first time.



Patient & detailed answer to customers’ question, timely & efficient after-sale service, warmly reception.


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Henan Union International Co, Ltd is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of automatic packing machine, semi-automatic packing machine, cups filling and sealing machine, bag sealing machine, fruit and vegetable processing machine, and production lines including automatic liquid filling production line, automatic carton packing line, bottle water filling production line, quick-freezing pre-treatment production line, garlic processing line, fruit and vegetable washing and drying line to meet customers’ different demands.

Located in Anyang which is an ancient city with long history, Henan Union International Co, Ltd devotes itself to researching, developing, manufacturing, marketing and sales of advanced food package machinery, liquid filling machinery and first-class fruit & vegetable processing equipment since its establishment. After years’ unremitting efforts, Henan Union International Co, Ltd has gained rich experience in these fields and has grown into one of the most professional food package manufactures and fruit& vegetable processing equipment suppliers in China.

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Professional custom all kinds of packing machine and filling machine, for the sake of your special requirements.
We for you to choose the most suitable production line for your products.
We welcome any customers visit the factory from all over the world, we will show you the best machine to you.
We arrange production immediately after you place the order, the common production cycle is 20 to 30 days.
We are the most professional technical personnel, can at any time to provide you with the door installation.
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