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3 in 1 bottle water filling machine

This machine use imported special efficient spray nozzle, the washing water will be sprayed in a particular angle, can wash any part of the inner wall, rinse with water thoroughly and save flush bottle....Read more



Automatic water filling machine for small bottled water is widely used in filling of non-aerated liquid such as pure water and mineral water with volume of 350ML, 500ML and 1.5L. It is consists of washing, filling and sealing system. It works in usual atmosphere pressure and liquid is filled by its own weight. Normal pressure filling valve controls distance from liquid to bottle mouth. Under same diameter of the mouth, bottles with various volumes could be washed, filled and sealed by the same filling machine.
1. Feeding mechanism
Air-conveying is directly connected to feeding wheel.
2. Washing machine
A. Rotary disk is fully welded by 304# stainless steel.
B. Bottleneck is locked by a clamp to avoid being polluted. And the durable bottle clamp is made of 304# stainless steel .
C. It is drived by gear and the driving system is inside the machine frame.
3. Filling machine
A. Rotary disk is fully made of 304# stainless steel.
B. The purified water filling machine is made of 304# stainless steel.
C. There is a connection between filling machine and sealing machine. 
4. Cap screwing machine
A. There is a feeding detector switch. Discharge of bottle cap is interlocking controlled by lock cylinder, which stops feeding cap when there is no bottle.
5. Outlet star wheel
Nylon thumb wheel is effected with conveyor chain.
6. Outlet conveyor chain
The driving motor is in frequency control. It keeps in step with three-in-one bottle filling machine to avoid the bottle falling down.
7. Electronic control system
The electric control cabinet is made of 304# stainless steel. The overall process is auto-completed by PLC. Production speed, amount, error and cause are displayed on screen. And the failure time and mode could be recorded. 

Filling principle

Air in bottle will be discharged through exhaust pipe inside the filling valve while liquid in tank being filled into bottle through filling valve. Then filling is finished till pressure inside liquid tank and inside the bottle keeps the same. The liquid reaches air outlet and couldn’t flow down. It adopts plastic washer to seal contact position between filling valve and bottle mouth. Filling liquid level could be controlled by adjusting the sealing washer height. 

Running process

The empty bottle is fed into mineral water filling machine by air force. Bottleneck will be locked and fed into the washing procedure. The bottle mouth is clamped and rotates with the 360 degree of the track,. At first, turn the bottle 180 degrees, put the bottom of the bottle up, when rotating to a certain position then sprayer turns to opening and spray inside of the bottle. The sprayer is automatically open and close.  Keep the bottle upside down to drain the water. When it reaches a certain position, the bottle reverses again 180 degrees to make the bottle mouth face up and complete the washing process. Second, bottle is fed upward along with the guide bar. It lifts filling valve while touching with sealing washer tightly and start filling. After filling, bottles slowly moves down along with the guide bar till being apart from filling valve. Finally, bottles are locked and sent to seal by the cap screw machine. The whole filling process is in sterile room. The bottle cap is automatically fed into capping manage machine after sterilizing.

Technical parameter

Model CXGF40/40/10 CXGF32/32/10 CXGF24/24/8 CXGF18/18/6 CXGF12/12/5
Washing head qty 40 32 24 18 12
Filling head qty 40 32 24 18 12
Capping head qty 12 10 8 6 5
Capacity 18000 bottle/h 15000 bottle/h 12000 bottle/h 8000 bottle/h 3000 bottle/h
Power (KW) 5.2kw 4.8kw 4kw 3kw 3kw
Filling type Gravity type filling Gravity type filling Gravity type filling Gravity type filling Gravity type filling
Vacuum degree in cylinder -0.005~0.01Mpa -0.005~0.01Mpa -0.005~0.01Mpa -0.005~0.01Mpa -0.005~0.01Mpa
Combination property Safety Overload protection Safe for people and machine with overload protection device
Energy saving Liquid level automatic control
Efficiency Eletronic component Imported frequency converter, optoelectronic switch, pneumatic system
Cap loss alarm Automatic alarm once cap loss detected
Touch screen Touch screen operation

Pure water filling machine adopts suspension type convey structure. Replace bottle mode by adjusting conveyor height only.More efficient and labor-saving.Feature 
  •  Automatic bottle filling machine adopts negative micro-pressure, which makes fast filling speed, high accuracy and a adjustable liquid level.
  •  Spring-loaded type washing clamp. The empty bottle with the track automatically turns over 180°,wash the inside of bottle. Quincunx with multihole sprayer nozzle makes a fully and efficient washing.
  •  Cap screwing machine adopts magnetometric torque screw capping. Double cap catching ensures the accuracy. Screw capping force is stepless adjustable. The sealing is tight and reliable.
  •  Pneumatic rotary cap sorter could protect cap surface. Capping will be automatically fed after receiving signal from hopper. No damage to lids.
  •  The water filler machine adopts advanced man-machine interface operation, PLC control system makes automatic operation during the whole process. No bottle no capping, waiting if short of bottle, machine stop if bottle block etc.
bottle water filling machine
bottle water filling machine
bottle water filling machine