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automatic bottled oil filling machine

oil filling machine is a high-tech filling equipment integrating on the PLC microcomputer programmable control, and photo electricity transduction pneumatic action. The machine is especially suitable for foodstuff....Read more

Automatic Oil Flow-actuated Filling Machine



Automatic oil filling machine is composed of main frame, MB (planetary bevel-type) stepless speed regulating conveyor, pneumatic/electric cap screwing machine, pneumatic/electric gland cover machine, vacuum suction device and PLC control system, etc. The air source is compressed air.


It is applied to liquid with certain concentration and viscosity, we are specialized in olive oil filling machine, cooking oil filling machine, palm oil filling machine, brake oil filling machine, etc.


A、Both volume and quality could be set up as the filling type.
B、With unique filling head design and vacuum suction system, there is no leakage of residual oil. Variable filling rate avoid overflow.
C、Dynamic filling without high level tank simplifies assembling process and improves filing efficiency.
D、Crawler-type gland cover machine, which is noiseless and no air pressure.
E、Siemens PLC control system with high computing speed and stable performance is in high quality. And it is simple to handle with a user-friendly touch-screen operating interface.
F、All electronic components of the oil filling line with good quality makes machine running stably.
G、Equipped with the built-in filling head, oil oxidation is lower and contact between oil and air is reduced. After filling, the residual oil could be sucked back continuously. There is no leakage in production and the specific filling nozzle applied to oblique bottle opening could be customized.

Technical Parameter

No. Model ZLDG-2 ZLDG-4 ZLDG-6 ZLDG-8 ZLDG-10 ZLDG-12
1 Qty of filling head 2 4 6 8 10 12
2 Filling volume 100-10000ml
3 Filling capacity (bottle/h) 350-500 750-900 1000-1300 1350-1500 1600-1800 1850-2300
4 Filling accuracy ≤0.2%
5 Power supply 50HZ/60HZ 3N-380V 土 10%
6 Power 0.75KW-7.5KW
7 Matched air supply pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
8 Working pressure 0.6-0.7MPa
Note: filling capacity is as per 4 L bottle and inlet pressure of 0.45-0.7 MPa.
automatic bottled oil filling machine
automatic bottled oil filling machine
automatic bottled oil filling machine