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Back Sides Powder Packing Machine

Back sides sealing powder packing machine is suitable for measuring easy free-flow or poor-flow powder items. It can finish the whole weighing, filling and measuring by the servo motor....Read more



1. This back sealing powder packing machine forms a complete set of simple structure, easy to operate.
2. Color in English touch-screen, processes of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, code, cut bag can be finished one-time.
3. Powder measuring machine for the open house, clean sanitation, maintenance more convenient.
4. The powdery packing machine adopts high precision servo film transport system, PLC program control, developed touchable human-machine interface of advanced automatic positioning, photoelectric tracking, digital temperature controlled.
5. Operation is simpler, perfect. It is the first choice of food packaging industry to improve the production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and improve the grade of packaging equipment.
6. Packaging material can be PE/polyethylene, PE/aluminum plating, pet/PE, pp, and other heat sealing packaging materials, etc.


Back sealing packing powder pouch machine is applicable to flour, milk powder, soybean powder, coffee powder, washing powder and other powder material of packing.


1. English touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation.
2. PLC computer control system, the operation is more stable, no need stop and adjust any parameters.
3. This powder filling machinery can store 10 group parameters, the replacement of varieties more accurate.
4. Adopt double servo motor control system, the tension membrane more accurate, faster, more accurate measurement.
5. This pillow bag powder packing machine has independent temperature control system, the precision can be up to + / - 1 degrees.
6. Transverse and longitudinal sealing temperature control independently, suitable for all kinds of composite film, PE film packaging materials, etc.
7. Packaging style diversified, back sealing, Gusset Bag, continuous bags, punching, etc.
Production of bag making, sealing, packing, date printing one time.
8. Work environment quiet, low noise, saving energy.


Model YY-420 YY-520 YY-720
Bag Length  80-300mm 100-400mm  100-480mm 
Bag Width 50-200mm  80-250mm  180-320mm 
Measuring Range Max.1200g Max.3000g Max.6000g
Packing speed Max 60bags/min Max 60bags/min Max 60bags/min
Weighing accuracy ± 0.3-1.5% ± 0.3-1.5% ± 0.3-1.5%
Power source 220/380V 1.8kw 220V/380V  2.5KW 220V/380V   3KW
Outline dimensions L1050*W950*H1360mm L1150*W1795*H1650mm L1780*W1350*H1950mm
Weight of machine 540kg 600kg 700kg
Sealing Method Pillow bag/Gusset bag/Box bag/Pillow bag with punch hole/ Gusset bag with punch hole

Working Principle: 

1). Filling products on feed hopper of screw feeder on floor;
2). Products will be lifted on the top of auger for feeding;
3). Auger Filler will automatic weighing according to preset weight;
4). Preset weight products will be filled into VFFS machine for bag sealing;
5). Finished package will be outputted to next equipment (check weigher, collect table, etc).

Optional Function:

1. Hole punch device
2. Tear notch device
3. Link bag device
4. Flip device
5. Gusset bag
6. Dust collected device
7. Static charge Eliminator
8. PE bag device

Optional External Device:

1. Air Compressor
2. Check weigher
3. Metal detector
Back Sides Powder Packing Machine
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