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automatic fruit canned filling machine

The machine combination is with strong overall, occupied reasonable space, fine appearance, smooth operation without vibration, accurate filling. Cylinder piston and piston-edge working preciously and they are durably made for this specific purpose....Read more



  • Rotary bottle cleaning machine is used to clean multiple bottles of different shape with high capacity.
  • Measuring cup granule filling machine can adapt to the automatic canning equipment of various granular materials and various types of canswith telescopic quantitative form, its volume is adjustable, and can carry out the no can no pack, PLC control production capacity of frequency control, touch screen operation. Grain filling machine is especially suitable for the production of green beans, small canning beans, beans, sweet corn, fruit pudding.
  • Z type machine is in a closed casing to conveymaterial through the hopper hung on the chain.
  • Rotary filling machine includes 18 filling heads, filling by gravity, all valve components are inside and outside mirror polished, filling valvesare openedwhen bottles are raised, and the air in bottles are expelled when the material are poured into bottles.
  • Pressure vacuum glass bottle sealing machine automatic screw sleeve is mainly used in canned food industry, all kinds of screw bottle can be fully automatic steam vacuum seal for sealing all kinds of food and pharmaceutical industry without vacuum screw bottle, omitted part of steam pipeline are also of great use value.
  • Air knife type dryer uses high speed wind to dry the drop of water on the bottle.
  • Labeling machine is used to make labels on finished products.

Working procedures:

Bottle feeding—Bottle washing automatically—Fruit pudding filling—Liquid filling—Automatic cap feeding and automatic vacuum capping—Drying—Labeling—Finished products


This fruit pudding can filling line is widely used in the filling of liquid and fruit pudding in glass bottles. It can be used in filling peach, pear, strawberry, and caper etc.


1. High precision digital weighing transducer makes accurate measurement realized.
2. LCD screen operating system realize Chinese/English operation.                    
3. All parts of machines use stainless steel, clean and hygiene. The seal design is to prevent the accumulation of material and convenient to clean .
4. According to the characteristics of the materials by measurement, fine adjustment the hopper entrance speed of open and shut , prevent breakage and material get stuck.
5. Strong automatic statistical functions, record the index of the total package number, pass rate and single bag error of each batch of production.

Technical parameters:

  • Output: 30-60 bottles/minute
  • Filling volume:customized according to customers’ requirement (Note: This filling line only suits for one bottle)
  • Filling precision:±2mm level
  • Voltage:220v/380v, 50/60hz
  • Power: 26kw
  • Area size:  L:19000mm、W:3000mm、H:2400mm(depending on real design dimension)
automatic fruit canned filling machine
automatic fruit canned filling machine
automatic fruit canned filling machine