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All the parts of Coffee Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine contact with powder are made of 304 stainless steel, and machine controlled by PLC to keep the machine work stable....Read more



Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is a multifunctional high-speed full automatic machine specially designed for coffee products (or other kinds of powder products, such as tea powder, cocoa powder etc. ) to be filled and sealed. This coffee capsules sealing machine is specially designed for cups with rolled film or pre-cut lid products (or other kinds of liquid products, such as fruit juice, water and even granule and powder and others etc. ) to be filled and sealed. This coffee cups filling machine can automatic do plastic cup, and other cups according to customers demand.


1. Filling materials:  Powder: Coffee, juice powder, tea powder, etc.
2. Packing Container: plastic capsules, small cups, etc.

Machine structure:

A: Control system: the k-cup coffee capsule filling and sealer use PLC Controller, Japan Omron control parts.
The whole coffee capsules packing machine are pneumatic, to make sure the machine can operation stable.
B: Seal device: Two-heat seal, to seal well.
C: Molds: used acid proof molds.
D: the machine body material is stainless steel, and parts contacting with materials are all made of 304 stainless steel.
E: Cylinder: Tai wan 'AIRTAC'
F: Electric Parts: are all famous brands from all over the world.
G: Filling System: screw feed and press tightly type
H: Touch Screen


1. Automatic feed coffee capsules/cups onto machine conveyor belt
2. Automatic fill coffee powder as precise weight 3g, 5g, 7g, 10g etc and press the powder tightly.
3. Automatic feed foil and twice heat seal.
4. Automatic output final capsule/cup (could connect to conveyor belt)
5. Stable and reliable functions, security and alarming functions
6. Filling volume precisely and seals cups perfectly
7. Stepless speed control, can adjust filling time.
8. Alumite as moving moulds, extraordinary durable and sanitary
9. All the components are made by famous company in the world.
10. Using piston valve filling head, auto-control the volume in tank.
11. Equipped with noise reduction device, comfortable for operators.

Working Process:

1. auto feed coffee capsules/cups onto machine conveyor belt
2.auto feed inner filter layer before fill powder (optional)
3.auto sorting function for the out pack and inner filter layer(optional)
4.auto fill coffee powder as precise weight 3g, 5g,7g, 10g etc
5.press the powder to ensure totally into cup/capsule
6.feed the filter paper/layer cover the coffee powder(optional)
7.auto feed foil and twice heat seal .
8. Automatic output final capsule/cup (could connect to conveyor belt)


1. Automatic dropping cups
2. Automatic drop filters
3. Automatic press filters
4. automatic once filling and press tightly coffee powder
5. With Nitrogen Flush System
6. Automatic suck and put pre-cut aluminum lids
7. Automatic twice sealing
8. Automatic outing cups on the conveyor belt
9. With UV lights station system
10. Automatic cleaning station for a better seal
11. Automatic outing cups
12. Touch Screen with English and Chinese


Machine Model YYL-4 YYL-8 YYL-16
Suitable Product  Powder product as coffee, chocolate, tea, milk powder, sugar etc. 
Suitable film Precut foil suggested (film roll also available)
Capacity 1800-2000 pcs/hr  4000-4500pcs/hr  4500-5300pcs/hr 
Filling range 3g,5g,7g.10g etc adjustable 
Voltage 380V/220V 50hz design upon your needs 
Power 4.5Kw 6.5Kw 8Kw
Dimension (LxWxH)  3000X760X1650(mm) 3000X930X1650(mm) 3000X1580X1650(mm)
Weight 600Kg 650Kg 700Kg

Coffee Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine
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