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Nylon filter fabric is extensively used for filtration in teabag industries. It is a perfect choice for packing loose tea. It can make the teabag looks in high grade....Read more


It is widely used in filteration and printing field. 
1) Filtration: Widely used in areas as filtration and separation industry. Such as food industry for milling filtering and flour milling, paper making factory and other grains milling. Like glucose production, milk powder, soybean milk etc. 
2) Liquid & Dust filtration (Filters, Filter Bags, Dust Filter Bags)
3) Printing: Widely used in textile printing, garment printing, glass printing, PCB printing, etc.


  • 1) Material: 100% nylon (polyester or PP PA6 PVA available if needed) 
  • 2) Weaving: Plain weave (Twill weave available if needed) 
  • 3) Mesh Count: 2T~165T mesh/cm(5mesh~420mesh/inch) 
  • 4) Max. Width: 365cm (143 inch) 
  • 5) Nylon filter fabric or nylon filter belt with joining
  • 6) Aperture or hole size: 25-4000 micron 
  • 7) Color: white 
  • 8) Size: 12’’*12'', 10’’*12’’, 18’’*19.7'', any size and shape is ok, we can customized for you.
Nylon Filter Fabric
Nylon Filte Fabric