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Drink straw sticking machine has a production capability of up to 7,000 packs per hour. It is adaptable to handle all popular straight, U-type, and telescope-type straws....Read more



The drink straw sticking machinery sticks the drink straw on outer surface of various drinks to improve the package grade of beverage and it is particularly applicable to Tetra pak and brick cartons etc. It is a full-feature machine designed for continuous service with minimal maintenance requirements, simple operation, and maximum production speeds. The standard machine incorporates a host of standard features not normally found on competitive drink straw applicators, all designed to optimize plant uptime, improve performance, simplify service and maximize your profits!


The drink straw applicator can stick the drink straw in a variety of drinks outer surface, to improve the packaging of beverage grade, and will be easy to use, it is particularly applicable to the surface of Tetra pak, brick cartons, plastic cups, plastic bottle and so on, adaptable to handle straight, U-type, or telescope straws. This drink straw machine adopts PLC control system can automatically transfer the finished product, straw transmission, straw cutting, products gluing, straws sticking and other processes. 


1. Suitable for the straw sticking machine of aseptic tetra brick, plastic cups, self-supporting bag, plastic bottles paste on the surface of the straw.
2. The production capacity can be up to 9000-12000 packs per hour.
3. Adopt the PLC automatic control system, this drink straw sticking machines can automatically finish finished products transport, straw transport, straw cutting, products coating and failure warning etc, so it saves labor greatly.
4. Being suitable for handling straight, U type or telescope straws.
5. Maintenance friendly with fully accessible components and lubrication is not required.
6. This machine’s operation is more reliable and meets international technical level of similar products. Suitable for aseptic paper box packaging with surface-bonded straw. 

Technical Parameters:

Model YH-1
Capacity 9000-12000 boxes/ h
Feeding way Single row
Conveyor width B55
Power(Max) 4.5kw
Working pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
The biggest gas consumption 100L/ Min
Voltage AC380/220,50/60(V/Hz), 3/1 phase, made as per requirement
Total weight 300kg
Dimension 1300×850×1260mm
Package dimension 1500x1000x1400mm

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