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Linear vibrating sieve machine

Linear vibrating screen with advanced design and of high performance can deal with a lot of application screening program with capacity up to 2t/h. ...Read more




Vibrating Sieve Separating Machines, various kinds of the materials can be screened by the machines including those within 0~400mesh like dry, wet, refined, coarse, heavy and light as well as those within 0~600mesh like liquid and pasty materials.

Working principle:

This best linear vibrating sieve machine is composed of sieve box, vibration motor and absorber. The vibration motor can guarantee the compact structure of the material and the absorber can make the machine work smoothly. The machine base is adjustable; According to material character it can adjust the sifter angle of inclination.


Model Capacity (kg/h) Sieving mesh (mesh) Power (KW) Vibrating frequency (time/min) Screen incline angle Overall size (mm) Weight (KG)
YS-5 80-850 3-120 0.4 1400 0°-45° adjustable 1450×600×1050 280
YS-8 100-1100 3-120 0.5 1400 0°-45° adjustable 1880×850×1350 420
YS-12 120-1200 3-120 0.75 1400 0°-45° adjustable 2200×1000×1450 520
YS-18 160-1600 3-120 1.1 1400 0°-45° adjustable 2400×1200×1500 680
YS-20 200-2000 3-120 1.5 1400 0°-45° adjustable 2800×1200×1600 800
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