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Spiral Ribbon Mixer

The spiral ribbon mixer machine’s versatility for blending solids combined with its ability to perform heating, cooling, coating, and other processes makes it popular among customers. ...Read more



Spiral ribbon mixer machine is mainly used for mixing sticky or cohesive micro-powder and pasty material or material that adds liquid in it. It is suitable for big capacity production.


It is made of U type container, spiral ribbon agitating vane and drive disk assembly.
It is a new type blender with the advantage of high mix speed, high efficiency, high uniformity, high loading coefficient, low power consumption, low pollution and low broken.
The application of spiral ribbon blender is very widely, it can mix both powder with power and powder with liquid, especially can mix pasty or large gravity material (for example, lacquer putty, stone paint, metal powder etc.). It is widely used in pesticides, veterinary drugs, food, chemical, biological, breeding, ceramics, refractory materials, plastics, compound fertilizer, etc industries.


Model YLD-0.1 YLD-0.3 YLD-0.5 YLD-1 YLD-1.5 YLD-2 YLD-3 YLD-4 YLD-6 YLD-8 YLD-10
First time mix
30-50 100-150 200-300 400-600 600-900 800-1200 1200-1800 1600-2400 2400-3600 3200-4800 4000-6000
Power (KW) 1.5-4 3-5.5 4-11 7.5-10 11-18.5 15-22 18.5-30 22-37 37-55 37-55 45-75
Weight(KG) 300 500 900 1400 1900 2500 3100 3600 5300 6800 7800
Spiral Ribbon Mixer
Spiral Ribbon Mixer
Spiral Ribbon Mixer