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V Type Blender

The V type blender machine is used to produce homogeneous solid-solid mixture. The unit consists of two cylinders arranged in a shape with an angle of 80°....Read more



This V type of blender is designed for mixing two or more dry power or granule raw materials from pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and foodstuff industry and so on.


V type mixing machine is suitable for mixing micro-powder which with good liquidity and small physical properties difference. Due to material flow smoothly in the V type blender, it will not damage the material so it is also suitable for mixing the material that easy attrition or fine powder, block and material contain moisture. It is widely used in Pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.


  • Simple and reasonable structure
  • Operation airtight
  • Mix evenly
  • Easy for material input and discharge


Model Capacity (kg/h) Total volume (m3) Mixing time (min) Power (KW) Cylinder speed (r/min) Stirring speed (r/min) Overall size
Weight (kg)
YV-180 60 0.18 6-10 1.1×0.5 12 500 1730×900×1700 300
YV-300 80 0.3 6-10 2.2×0.55 12 500 1845×650×1650 580
YV-500 130 0.5 6-10 3×0.75 12 500 2500×1350×2450 700
YV-1000 240 1 6-10 4×1.1 12 500 2800×1350×2700 950
V Type Blender
V Type Blender
V Type Blender