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How to maintaining the pillow packing machine

1. Before cleaning and scrubbing the horizontal pillow bag packing machine, must turn off the power to ensure the safety of the worker and machine.
2. Using a clean duster cloth scrub the work surface and outside surface, keep the flow packing machine not to be scratched. And this work should to do regular.
3. Using compressed air clean the product chippings which in feeding mechanism and end sealing part.
4. Using wire brush which with slide oil on it clean the thin film debris on the sealing blade, if the package material residues on the sealing knife it will influence the next round package and result in ineffective.
5. If circuit breaker burn out, temperature-controlled meter damage, thermocouple damage, the method of maintenance is change thermocouple, temperature-controlled meter and the heating element.
6. Clean the feedstock and outlet regular because there always have products chippings on it.