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Common faults and solutions of straw sticking machine

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As a key equipment on the production line, the normal operation of the straw pasting machine is crucial for production efficiency and product quality. However, during use, we may encounter various malfunctions. This article will explore several common faults and their corresponding solutions to help you better maintain and use the straw pasting machine.
Fault 1: Loose adhesion
Phenomenon description: There is detachment or uneven adhesion of the straw after pasting.
First, check if the glue has expired or stored improperly to ensure the quality of the glue.
Secondly, clean the bonding area to remove dust and oil stains. Adjust the glue flow rate to ensure that an appropriate amount of glue is applied to the straw.
Finally, check the pressure setting of the pasting machine and adjust it appropriately to ensure the pasting effect.
Fault 2: The machine cannot start
Phenomenon description: The start button is unresponsive, and the machine cannot work normally.
First, check if the power supply is normal and ensure that the power plug and circuit are not loose or broken.
Secondly, check if the emergency stop switch has been mistakenly triggered, and if so, reset it.
Again, check if there are any fault codes displayed in the control system, and conduct troubleshooting and repair according to the manual.
If the above steps cannot solve the problem, it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.
Fault 3: The conveyor speed is abnormal 
Phenomenon description: The conveyor belt speed is too fast or too slow, which affects production efficiency and product quality.
First, check the drive system of the conveyor belt, including the motor and drive belt, to ensure they are in good working condition.
Secondly, adjust the speed controller of the conveyor belt and set the appropriate speed according to production needs.
At the same time, regularly maintain and lubricate the conveyor belt to ensure its smooth operation. If the problem of abnormal speed persists, it may be necessary to replace severely worn components or conduct deeper troubleshooting.
Fault 4: Inaccurate positioning of the straw
Phenomenon description: The position of the straw is offset during transportation, resulting in inaccurate sticking position.
First, check if the conveyor belt and straw guide system are worn or damaged. If so, replace or repair them in a timely manner.
Secondly, adjust the straw positioning device to ensure that it can accurately capture and position the straw.
In addition, optimize the delivery method and path design of straws to reduce deviations caused during the delivery process.
Fault 5: The glue supply is unstable
Phenomenon description: The glue supply is intermittent, resulting in discontinuous or decreased quality of straw adhesion.
First, check if the glue bottle is installed correctly and if the glue pipeline is blocked or leaking.
Secondly, clean the glue pipeline to ensure smooth flow of glue.
Again, adjust the glue pressure to ensure a stable glue supply.
If the problem persists, it may be necessary to replace the glue bottle or pipeline with a new one.
Fault 6: Machine overheating
Phenomenon description: After long-term operation, the straw sticking machine may overheat, accompanied by abnormal noise or performance degradation.
First, check if the cooling system is working properly, such as whether the cooling fan is running properly.
Secondly, clean the interior of the cooling system to ensure that it is clean and free of foreign objects.
Again, reduce the operating load of the machine and avoid prolonged continuous operation.
If the overheating problem is severe, it may be necessary to stop the machine for heat dissipation or check if there are any faulty components that need to be repaired or replaced.
In summary, the key to troubleshooting the straw pasting machine lies in timely discovering the problem, accurately diagnosing the cause, and taking effective solutions. In practical operation, we should also strengthen the daily maintenance and upkeep of equipment, conduct regular inspections and maintenance to prevent the occurrence of faults. At the same time, improving the skills and qualities of operators to enable them to proficiently master the operation and maintenance skills of equipment is also an important factor in ensuring the normal operation of equipment.
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