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What are the common quality problems in the production of aseptic packaging paper?

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The preservation performance of sterile packaging paper material is one of its most prominent characteristics, mainly due to its unique material composition and manufacturing process. The following are several key aspects of the preservation performance of sterile packaging paper materials:
1. Multi layer composite structure: 
Aseptic packing paper is usually composed of multiple layers of thin films of different materials, including cardboard, polyethylene (PE), aluminum foil (Al), and another type of polyethylene. This structure can provide excellent barrier effect, effectively isolating external oxygen, water vapor, light, and other factors that may affect food quality.
2. Oxygen barrier:
 Aluminum foil layer or special barrier film layer can provide excellent oxygen barrier, preventing fat oxidation and vitamin degradation in food, thereby extending the shelf life of food.
3. Water vapor barrier:
The polyethylene layer has good water vapor barrier performance, which can prevent the loss of water in the food or the entry of external water, and maintain the humidity balance of the food.
4. Light barrier:
Aseptic carton packaging paper can block the penetration of ultraviolet rays, protecting food from the influence of light, especially for light sensitive foods such as certain vitamins and pigments, which is particularly important.
5. Aseptic filling technology:
Filling in a sterile environment ensures that the food inside the packaging is not contaminated by microorganisms before packaging, further enhancing the freshness of the food.
6. Sealing performance:
Sterile packaging paper has good sealing performance, which can prevent food inside the packaging from coming into contact with the external environment and avoid cross contamination.
7. Heat sealing performance:
Sterile packing paper has good heat sealing performance, which can quickly seal after filling, reducing the time food is exposed to the external environment.
Due to these characteristics, sterile packaging paper is widely used in the packaging of liquid foods, such as milk, fruit juice and beverages, alcoholic beverages, water, tomato products, soups, desserts, nutritional foods, and other products. It can maintain the freshness and nutritional value of food without adding preservatives, meeting the health and safety needs of consumers. At the same time, it also provides the possibility for long-distance transportation and long-term storage of food, making your product significantly cost-effective.
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